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My name is Ally and am I currently recovering from anorexia. It started for me when I was in high school. I was a competitive gymnast my entire life and shattered my knee and thought my gymnastics career was over. Over the 6 months I wasn't allowed to do any physical activity, I may have gained a few pounds, I'm not really sure - I didn't use to pay attention to weight then. But I worked insanely hard after I was allowed to begin working out again to make it back for my senior year of gymnastics. All the working out had me losing a few pounds and on senior break the compliments on my "new body" were endless. My motive for working out shifted from getting back to gymnastics to being "perfect" and "skinny". I became addicted to working out and thought I was being so strong and disciplined as I began to eat less and less and restricted myself from entire food groups. The pounds dropped like crazy. I am now a distance runner in college and simply cannot afford to eat the close to nothing I was eating before. The stress reactions in my feet, all the stomach and digestive issues, feeling faint after even an easy run, the need to sleep more and more, and crying after a single bite or a sliver of certain foods all became too much for me. I'm sick of being sick and tired, but recovery will always be a work in progress.

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Welcome to Proud2Bme! Thank you for posting some of your story here. It's so great to hear that you're in recovery. You're right, it is a work in progress, but recovery is possible and it is so worth the effort. It sounds like you're really self-aware, and it's good news that you're seeing the negative effects of over-exercising and restricting foods on your body. I hope you find some of the support you're looking for here on Proud2Bme! If you're looking for additional support or treatment resources, you can call or chat online with the NEDA Helpline: . Welcome! :)

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Welcome Ally! I am glad that you are aware of what ED does to the mind and body. Keep reaching out for help. You are worth recovery!

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you are welcome

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