Greetings, girlfriends!

Hello all you beautiful girls and women! I hope each one of you is feeling loved today, and if you're not, I pray you'll realize the beauty inhabits every fiber of your being. Just some general housekeeping: I'm Brittany (H!!). I'm twenty seven years old, with a B.S. in Psychology and a M.S. in Communication. I love music, movies, reading, family, friends, and coffee! :) I have the privilege of moderating this edifying website on Tuesday evenings (thanks for having me!). I know what it's like to struggle daily with body image, and how difficult the comparison game can be. This forum is an open space for us to talk about the hard stuff, and identify the truth about who we are, and what constitutes our worth. Let's encourage one another. Love to all! xo - See more at:
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Hi Brittany, nice to meet you. Thanks for the link it will help me a lot. 

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Hey! Nice to meet you! :) What's your name? I'm glad I came across this amazing website that is so encouraging to women & girls and boys & men. It's so important that we are all here to support each other, relate, and encourage each other. Building networks like this with free-flowing advice and positivity changes the way society looks like in the media and the attitude about ourselves in general. The way we treat ourselves is how we treat others, so let's start to treat ourselves better! Much love, Breelagh
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Hi Breelagh (cool name)! My name is Brittany. Thank you for contributing to the Proud2BMe community. We are here to encourage and share truth, demystify false conceptions, and be our true selves... sounds like you came to the right place! :)
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Hello there ! This is Rodalia I just heard about this site from The Insider TV show . Thne i got here directly . i'm very glad to be part of u girls . also i think it's such a great idea to have such community . And at last Brittany nice to meet u . have a blessed day :) >
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Hi Rodaliaa! We are so glad you're here. Welcome to our Proud2BMe community!
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Hi Brittany! My name is Jaclyn, and I'm currently an M.S. Psychology student, so I feel like we could really understand one another! And hi Rodalia and Breelagh! I'm so glad I finally registered with this website - I've been following the stories on facebook for a while now, but I didn't realize until today that it was so interactive!

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