Proud2Bme Rock Star: Margy McCallum

By Chelsea Kronengold-- Meet Margy, an inspiring young activist who formed a Proud2Bme club at John Burroughs School in St. Louis, MO.

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"Not About Your Waist": An Interview with Natty Valencia

By Chelsea Kronengold-- When I first heard Meghan Trainor’s hit song, “All About That Bass,” I was instantly hooked. Not only did it have a catchy beat, but it was one of the few billboard charts to celebrate body diversity. However, as time went on, people, myself included, took a deeper look at Trainor’s song and realized it was less body-positive than meets the eye.

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Hope After Loss: An Interview With Michael Falk

Michael Falk lost his girlfriend Kayla to a long and  bravely fought battle with an eating disorder. Now he is telling his story to let others know what he wishes he’d known and to offer hope, help, and powerful ideas for change.

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Have you ever edited a selfie before posting on social media?