An Interview with (This Is) Meagan Kerr

By Emily Winter--All too often we’re bombarded with the same, frankly inaccurate, depictions of beauty.  The notion of the “ideal” body is constantly on display in our lives where we see overwhelming amounts of edited, cropped and airbrushed models, flooding our Instagram accounts and dominating advertising campaigns for our favorite brands. 

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Lose Hate, Not Weight: An Interview with Virgie Tovar

By Catherine Weingarten--I recently connected with awesome body-positive activist, Virgie Tovar, to get more insight into how she got started with her activist journey. 

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Proud2Bme Rock Star: Emma Shakarshy

By Chelsea Kronengold--Today is Youth Outreach Coordinator, Emma Shakarshy’s, last day at Proud2Bme. In Emma’s time as Youth Outreach Coordinator, she grew the Proud2Bme presence immensely. 

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