People of Color and Mental Illness: An In-Depth Interview with Dior Vargas

By Kimberly Neil--I had the pleasure of interviewing Dior Vargas, a native New Yorker, Latina, feminist, and mental health activist. Dior is a Smith college alumna, writer, and all around amazing person. 

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Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl

Eating disorder recovery can be a difficult process, both for the individual affected, as well as that person's friends and family. Parents often feel like they're on the outside, helpless and in the dark. That's why Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl started an incredible podcast project. They wanted to find a way to share their recovery story and the tips they picked up along the way. We were so lucky to interview this incredible father-daughter duo in honor of NEDAwareness Week.

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Paper Cuts: EDs On Screen

By Catherine Weingarten--This week I was lucky enough to speak with Kelli Horan and Ima Leupp, the artists behind the film “Paper Cuts.”  Paper Cuts is a film about a young woman who lives on her own and is doing ok, and becomes triggered by past mental health issues when she is invited to her mother’s wedding.

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