Proud2Bme Rock Star: Emma Shakarshy

By Chelsea Kronengold--Today is Youth Outreach Coordinator, Emma Shakarshy’s, last day at Proud2Bme. In Emma’s time as Youth Outreach Coordinator, she grew the Proud2Bme presence immensely. 

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Meet the Artist: Phoebe Wahl

By Emma Shakarshy--Some body positive art makes you feel warm inside, glowing and full. Phoebe Wahl's art makes me feel just that, alive and connected to myself. An artist currently living in Bellingham, Washington, Phoebe graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2013 with BFA in illustration.

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Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace

By Catherine Weingarten--I recently was lucky enough to interview Theo Nicole Lorenz about her work.  Theo is an artist who dabbles in many mediums, but caught Proud2Bme's attention with her body positive coloring book "Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace."

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