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Use Your Voice. Make a Difference: Speaking Up for Eating Disorders Prevention on Capitol Hill

If you could talk to your members of Congress about the impact that eating disorders and body image issues have in YOUR community, what would you say?

These teens from the Boulder Youth Body Alliance traveled to Washington, DC as part of the Eating Disorders Coalition to share their stories and ask for support of the FREED Act (Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders). Here are excerpts from their speeches.


ED NOS: The Silent Sickness

By Fallon Kunz

This article is reprinted with permission from Teen Voices.

ED NOS? What the heck does that stand for? It’s a diagnostic abbreviation that stands for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Research shows that more than 50 percent of adults seeking treatment for eating disorders are diagnosed with ED NOS.

Should You Diet?

Q: One-third of all teen girls are on diets and more than 70% say they wish they could be thinner. We hear so much about how thin=healthy, thin=beautiful and thin=happy, but what's the REAL truth?

Is dieting a good idea or is it hazardous to your health?

A: "Dieting is so seductive. It gives us hope, the promise of weight loss and happiness. But it just doesn’t deliver on its promises," says Linda Bacon, Ph.D., a nutrition professor, eating disorders expert, and author of Health at Every Size.

Dear Body...

Sometimes we are so caught up in scrutinizing our bodies for what they look like (or what we wish they could look like) that we miss out on opportunities to acknowledge that our bodies serve us in some pretty incredible ways.


As part of their Redefining Beauty program, a group of girls from Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis recently sat down to write thank you letters to their bodies. Here are a few excerpts.


Dear Eyes,

Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat

Stephanie Covington Armstrong doesn’t fit the stereotype of someone with an eating disorder. And that’s exactly why she wrote her book, Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat: A Story of Bulimia. Armstrong is sharing her story in an effort to expand the public’s perceptions of who struggles with eating disorders and poor body image.

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