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Hi. My life is not great right now. I had a boyfriend but he broke up with me last night. My weight isn't going down. I'm being bullied a little bit again. I'm stressed about school and social life. I feel like I have no one to go to for help. I feel alone. I'm constantly thinking about what's wrong with me and everything I do wrong. My ex didn't tell me why he broke up with me and he still won't. I want to know what I did wrong. My weight has stayed the same for a week now and I want to lose x more pounds but it's hard when everyone is watching what I eat constantly. The bullying is no different then what I have had before but it's hard on me still. My school work is getting harder and my social life with others is becoming really hard. People keep breaking off from me and stop talking to me and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I wish I knew what is the matter with me. Why don't people like me? I keep telling myself that it's because I'm fat, annoying and ugly. What is really upsetting is that I was finally starting to gain some confidence back but now I don't like myself. What do I do?

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It sounds like things are really tough right now. Breakups, school, bullying, self-esteem; that's a lot to have on your mind! Figuring out how to be confident and love yourself is a challenge for a lot of people; you aren't alone there. And having all these things on your mind and affecting your eating behaviors can make other daily stressors seem even worse. It sounds like you could really benefit from having someone you can trust to talk to. Are there other friends or family members you could confide in? There are people in your life who love you and care about you; sometimes people don't realize how much you need them. Have you told your friends or family the things you've posted here on Proud2Bme? They might not realize the full scope of the issues you're dealing with right now. You might also really benefit from talking with a support group, or with a counselor/therapist. Does your school have a counselor you could turn to? Another great resource to find out more about groups and professionals is the NEDA Helpline. You can call or chat with them online to find out about options near you: 

I know things are hard right now, but things can get better. Here are some stories from NEDA and Proud2Bme that might give you some inspiration and help you through this. You aren't alone! Those of us on the forums are here for you, and there are plenty of people out there in our community who can relate to what you're going through.

Please keep us updated on how you're doing! :) Good luck!

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I'm so sorry you are going through a difficult time. I struggled with an eating disorder and confidence issues for years, through high school, college and into my 20s. I felt unworthy. Looking back, I know I was just as smart, beautiful, funny and caring then as I am now -- and you are too. As you uncover your strengths (and there are many), you'll find you are so much more than the self-criticizing voice you're hearing in your head right now. There are people in your world that love you and will help you, if you'll let them. There are counseling resources available to you at school. I know that there is hope, and I know that your future is bright.

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I am over weighta and I try to exercise and eat less without starving myself and going overboard but it is so hard to exercise when everything jiggles. All my friends call themselvesf aND it makes me feel worse because they are so much skinnier then me and I just have confidence problems and I really need help I am terrified that I might begin to have a problem with eating

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It sounds like you have a lot on your mind! Please know that you aren't alone in your concerns. A lot of people here on Proud2Bme can relate to what you're going through.

Have you talked to your parents about your concerns about possibly having disordered eating? Or perhaps another adult you can trust? This might be something to bring up with your doctor. NEDA has an online screening tool that can tell you if some of the things you're experiencing are cause for concern:

If you do think you're slipping into thoughts and behaviors that are harmful, it's a good idea to get help early so you don't do damage to your body. Don't wait for things to get worse before talking to someone. You deserve to be happy and healthy!

I hope this is a helpful starting point! If you want to talk with someone about what you're going through or find out more about resources near you, you can call or chat online with the NEDA Helpline:

Good luck! Keep us updated and let us know how you're doing.

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Hugs! I am sorry you are being bullied at school. That says a lot about them but not about you. Hold your head up! You are not alone. You have people on here that you can talk to.

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