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Hey guys and girls! On this website, so many have shared their stories and their encouraging words. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have different futures. I am currently working to obtain my bachelors in Psychology and will continue on to recieve my Master's in counseling so that one day I may help those who are struggling with eating disorders. My own personal experience with anorexia gave me my inspiration to study Psychology and help others. I have a passion for doing research and understanding more of the mental process of these disorders due to the fact that when I started my recovery, no one could tell me much on the mental process.

I have met so many people who have figured out their passion through their recovery process and want to use their story to help others. What do you wish to do with the knowledge and experience you have had through this trail in your life? 

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My recovery has made me who I am today and I see my eating disorder, although it was hard, as a blessing. I am about to attend college and was wondering if you might know of any scholarships offered for recovering from an eating disorder? theyd help immensely!

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Morgan, I do not know of any specific scholarships offered for recovering from an eating disorder, although someone else may. I have recieved a scholarship through the Terry Foundation (it may only be in Texas though) which is amazing! They are a huge blessing!! Check in with a few groups like that, and keep asking around! Don't be afraid to tell your story, either! 

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For right now, I am still in the process of recovery, which I believe is constant since we can always grow and learn about ourselves by experiencing life. My dream job is to become a Counselor to help those who suffer from eating disorders. I am currently working on my BA in psychology and then I will get my Masters degree in Social Work. To achieve this goal though, I must work on my own recovery before I can help others recover and, although it is a process, it is also a journey that I need and want to take in order to become stronger and wiser.

I want to be living proof that recovery is possible! :)

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