Tell us a fact about you!

In the comments below, tell us a fact about you that not many people know, like:

-One of your passions that you've been afraid of telling people about
-A hobby of yours
-A show/band/film you love but are afraid to admit to others about
-Anything else!

I'll start:

I love Doctor Who and Sherlock and I sew patchwork quilts and listen to 1950s soul music! :D

Your turn!

sboggs33's picture

I love all high school drama type shows/movies: Glee, Greek, High school musical....

I have recently taken up a hobby of making comic book shoes! 

I still love NSYNC

I want to write a book desperately bad! 


This was a good idea, Hope! Thank you. 

railynnt's picture

One thing that most people know but I think is a fun fact is that I'm an identical twin. :)

I want to be a missionary and help people struggling with eating disorder, mental illness, and self-acceptance.

sboggs33's picture

Railynnt, that is awesome! thank you so much for sharing! 

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