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Good morning ladies! It's been a few weeks since I've been on this sight and let me just say, I missed this community while away! 

The past couple weeks have been VERY busy! A couple weeks ago, I ran a half marathon! I did this in order to show myself how beautiful and strong my own body is. While running in the 40 degree, raining weather (the reason I wanted to back out very badly), I felt my body move and took 2 hours to fully enjoy and be grateful for how amazing our bodies are. My legs carried me 13.1 miles along side with many other runners. I've always wanted to be a part of something amazing and this was just that for me. It helped me appreciate what my body is and what it can do. What helps you realize how amazing you are? 

Also, I GOT MARRIED! Oh what a wonderful thing it has been! The day I met my husband,  I told him about all of my struggles...the eating disorder along with many other things. He looked me in the eyes and said, "let me help you. You are do not need to struggle with such a thing." He has lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders and helped me carry it. On our wedding day, he knew things were getting a littled heated between me and ED (as it usually does when there is so much stress). He simply grabbed me and told me not  to worry, I was beautiful. What a gem I have found! He reminded me of this community and how we can all help lift each others burdens simply by talking to each other and reminding each other how beautiful everyone is! When I was going through my recovery, I did not have tools such as this website and therefore I fully encourage each and every one of you who are struggling to take advantage of this great place to talk to people who understand and can help and encourage you. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and had a moment to sit back and realize how truly beautiful and wonderful you are! Always remember, you are beautiful and we are here to help you carry your burdens! You are never alone! 

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Ok teary eyed over here! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us and CONGRATS on not only your marriage, but the marathon, and loving your body for the way it is. SO proud of you and your accomplishments. We missed you as well and glad you are back! And again, CONGRATS on everything! Happy heart over here!



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@sboggs33 CONGRATULATIONS all around, girlfriend! So good to hear that you are surrounded by positivity and love. Happy for you!

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