My Social Media Detox

By Melanie Klein--I like social media. A lot. In fact, I like social media so much that I am giving up my two favorite social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, for an entire month starting August 5th.

I Helped Create a Bill for Eating Disorders Education

By Emily Rosenberg--Many men and women suffer with their eating disorders in silence. I knew the value of talking about what my eating disorder meant in my life.

The Struggle You Never Knew You Could Survive

By Rae Smith--I think one of the most intimidating things about struggle is the fear that the pain will last forever.

Because forever is a long time and a single moment of struggle can feel like the arms on the clock have stopped ticking. The chaos of struggle can leave us doubting that a silver lining could possibly exist - doubt that anything good could ever come from the devastation that has become our lives.

Stepping Off the Treadmill: How I Discovered What Healthy Exercise Really Feels Like

By Catherine Weingarten--When someone struggles with body image issues, the topic of "healthy exercise" can start to become confusing and scary. How much exercising is too much? What is right for me?

Recovering from an Eating Disorder in College: A Survival Guide

By Annie Stewart--“Hey, look at that tree, Annie. That’s just like you. Your roots go down so deep and one day you will be like that tree--reaching out, expanding, flourishing so that you can help others."

Stress Less This Holiday Season

By Chinh Tran--The holiday season can easily become a stressful time for anyone, with all the dinner parties, shopping, family reunions, and New Year’s resolutions.

Breaking the Rules: Why I'm Not Obsessing Over the "Freshman Fifteen"

By Taylor Kirkham--As I arrived on my beautiful college campus three weeks ago, there was not a doubt in my mind that freshman year was going to be excellent.

Expert Q & A: "Help, I'm surrounded by bodysnarkers!"

Q: Bodysnarking is all around me—my friends make comments, I read stuff on Facebook & Twitter, even my mom says not-so-nice things about the way other people look. How do I put a stop to it?

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday

Project HEAL founders Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran offer their personal tips on how to get through the holiday season if you're stressing about food and weight.

Thick Dumpling Skin: How to Respect What's On the Inside

Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen knew from experience that food and body image problems were big issues in Asian American communities, but no one seemed to be talking about them.

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