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Become a Successful Teen Activist: Tips for Blogging, Vlogging, Posting and Tweeting

Want to make an impact with your message? Emily-Anne Rigal, founder of WeStopHate, shares her advice on how to make activism work online.

Gaining Friends, Followers, and Subscribers
Create unique content
•Spend some time really narrowing in on the exact message you want to share. Then, make sure the content you put out on your social media sites accurately reflects that message.
•Others who are impacted by your message and share interest in your cause/topic will want to follow your online activities.

Be a friend, follower, and subscriber, too
•Show your appreciation for your friends (Facebook), followers (Twitter), and subscribers (YouTube) by staying engaged with your audience.
•Interact with them on your various social media platforms. Showing interest in the activities of others will encourage attention back to your posts, videos and activities.

Give, give, give
•Avoid asking too much, too often from your audience. It’s great that you’re doing social good, but constantly asking your following to do things (like vote for you in a contest, subscribe to your channel, upload pictures to your Facebook page, etc.) won’t make them eager to participate.
•Instead, put energy into giving great content to your audience, and in return, they’ll enthusiastically support your work!

YouTube Video Tips
Keep your videos short
•Short videos are easy to watch, easy to share, and easy to take in.
Keep your videos fun and fast-paced
•Be creative and try combining all different types of shoots to ensure your viewer remains entertained.
•A faster pace will help hold the attention of your audience.
Keep your videos simple
•By being direct and to the point, your viewer will clearly understand the message you’re trying to convey.
•You can still be artistic and creative, but make sure your message is clearly communicated so that viewers will want to share it with their friends.


Twitter Tips
Don’t Tweet too often
•It’s great to keep your community updated, but be careful not to send too many Tweets and retweets (RT) at the same time. Many users get upset if someone takes up their entire dashboard.

Keep your Twitter handle (username) short
•When brainstorming usernames, remember that the shorter it is, the better. You only get 140 characters in a message, so keeping your handle short means your followers will have more characters available when sending you a response (@reply).

Use Hashtags
•The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.
•The # symbol is used before any word in the Tweet to make it a more easily searched in Twitter. When someone clicks on a hashtagged word in a message, all other Tweets in that category show up.
•By hash-tagging the key words in your Tweet, you are likely to receive more traffic on your page because hashtags appear when other users search those key words.

Emily-Anne Rigal (@schmiddlebopper) is the founder of WeStopHate, Lead Ruby Advisor at, assistant editor at


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