pls help me n save me 4m binge eating disorder

its been over 2 months that I am continuously binging , all the mindless eating...I am very depressed due to this .. I love to workout but my parents don't allow me to go out in gym or anywhere coz they feel that I should sit at home and study .. actually there is a long story ... I have been a little chubby since childhodd .. I was depressed during my childhood days becoz my mom got divorced n my father was brutal.. so I did not make friends anywhere ..we live wid our maternal grandparents nd uncle n aunt ... there have been times I have been called an elephant , useless , ugly .. my mom called me pregnant at a very tender age .. so I drew 4m surroundings and the problem increased I started to bring foods from the market n hide all the stuff in my room ..den I ate all dat and piled on ... in class 11 I joined a gym .. I started working out .. it was a quite positive influence in my life.. it was the best time .. then the gym became boring due to shortage of clients they skipped many sessions ... but I still wanted to lose weight so I started on a very restricted diet plan ... sort of which included days for certain foods n oll .. I reached n kgs .. I felt really good .. but then mom told me that I should leave the gym and work hard on academics .. so I was highly demoralised and again that eating pattern has started n now its been ovr 2 m onths that I have been binging really often ... I am really depressed I have gained a lot of weight since den ..  ... I really want to lose weight n get slim that's all I think all the day .. but since my mom doesn't allow I am restricted to a room locked up in 4 walls .... pls help me on this guys n advice me on this

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Ishael, Let me begin by saying that you are not alone, and there is absolutely nothing inherently 'wrong' with you. Your eating disorder is not your fault, even though your current circumstances may have you convinced otherwise. Have you considered seeing a therapist for the binge-eating? It may be helpful in determining what the root issue is here, and acting against it despite its hold on you. A lot of insurance providers have mental health care provisions for their subscribers, so if you have an insurance plan, it would be worth looking into. There are also many support options available for those of us who suffer with eating disorders. is a great place to start. Thank you for being brave enough to reach out to the community on Proud2BMe. We are here to help you in any way we can!
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I'm glad you found this website. I advise listening to brittany and contacting either the helpline, support groups or a counselor. You can do this! We are all here supporting you as well! Stay strong! 

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Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I agree with Sbogg33 and brittanyposey on their advice.  There are so many of us with binge eating issues so remember you are not a lone with this. Also there are a lot of interesting article on Proud2bme that can be very helpful. I know you said its hard making any friends cause you bounce around a lot, but is there anyone now in your life? You can set up a  buddy system that maybe helpful when you are about to binge.  Hope that was helpful. Please reach out again! 

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Hello everyone. I am new to this website and I joined because I've been struggling with binge eating disorder. I feel so stuck right now and it is extremely hard for me to get up everymorning and get through my day, due to my depression. any advice on how you get through your days?

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