Torrid Calls Out Bodysnarking Facebook Haters

Plus-size clothing chain Torrid is talking back after comments on their Facebook page started to turn ugly. Now the company has some choice words for the bodysnarking bullies.


Torrid's "outfit of the day" feature on Facebook highlights fans who put together creative looks with the brand's clothes and accessories. But as The Curvy Fashionista reported, the commenters on these posts do not always play nice:

"Everyone will not like everything someone wears, and this is okay. I know a few who have dismissed my personal boho laidback lifestyle and this is okay. To each their own.

BUT, I do have an issue when a brand features or shares a post of a plus size woman on their site, wearing their clothes, and opens the gates of destructive criticisms without moderating the comments."


To their credit, Torrid took that criticism to heart and responded quickly with a new post on Facebook:


We regularly share and repost blog posts and pics of fabulous women wearing our clothes and accessories. We do this in order to show off our clothes on real women with a variety of styles and points of view. What is extremely disappointing to us is that some people take this as an opportunity to viciously tear other fashionistas apart. People are by all means entitled to their own fashion opinion, but personal attacks are not welcome on our social sites. Our Facebook page is meant to be a place to share and discover fashion.

Thank You,
The Torrid Team


At Proud2Bme, we believe bodysnarking is a form of bullying. It often comes from a place of insecurity, it cuts deep, and it can have serious consequences. Social media has taken bodysnarking to a whole new level, where whispers behind someone's back in the hallway have now been transformed into public sport. Sadly, there are way too many people who will jump right into the hating game whenever there's an opportunity. We want to say thanks to Torrid for being a company willing to say that their social sites will not provide that opportunity, and to people like Marie Denee at Curvy Fashionista who stand up to the hate when they see it.



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