Seen any movies that got you thinking? Want to share a movie that deals with eating, weight, body image or self-esteem? Post it here.

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When I'm not in school or at work, my getaway is to the movie theater! Did you see anything good or interesting this weekend? It could be anything from a video on YouTube, a TV show, or something you saw in the theater. I'll start it off... This weekend I saw Paranormal Activity 3 and Ides of March. I won't spoil any detail about the films but rather the "vibe" I got from them. PA 3 did have some suspenseful scenes, but not enough of them. Ides of March is a political type of film starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. If you only have an interest in Ryan (like my girlfriend did), DO NOT SEE IT! You will be bored out of your mind! Otherwise it's an interesting "food for thought" type film to see that really makes you think. Now it's your turn to share what you've seen over the weekend!
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@Phoenix Love: Was PA 3 a good movie? :) I've seen 1 and 2. The first one was good, but the second one sucked in my opinion haha. :P I actually almost never go to the movie theater.. They're all so far away from where I live. :/
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About two weeks ago I watched the movie America the Beautiful which takes a look into modeling and how body image is portrayed in the media. It really was fascinating to get a real life look into it and the model that was being used was astounding. I reccomend this. I have yet to see these three movies but I have heard they are really good: Someday Melissa, Real Women Have Curves (with America Ferrara and George Lopez), and also Miss Representation. Miss Representation is actually being shown again on the OWN network on November 12th I believe. I have actually been checking it all out on their website and all the information, it looks like it is a really good film.
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@Hharned01 I actually just started a thread to discuss Miss Representation, so be sure to share your review/thoughts when you get a chance to check it out!

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