Commercials About Losing Weight and My Issues with Them

Hey everyone, I was a media major in college and I pay very close attention to the images on television. Recently, I was SO excited to see a commercial from Special K. In the beginning of the commercial they discussed how from birth, we are described by numbers (our weight and height) and how the pattern does not end. They wanted to stop this pattern....but then the commercial ended again with the message that can be interpreted as, when you lose weight, you will gain so much more. This really frustrated you feel the same? Are there any other commercials that you feel strongly about? Also, side note....I spent a lot of time laying around these past few days, and there is a ridiculous, absurd amount of weight watchers commercials and others of that nature. It can be really stressful and annoying for me. It is just too much...have you also noticed this? Do these commercials also bother you? I feel like this year, it's a LOT worse than last year. -Ariana
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@Ariana, I completely agree with you. It is fantastic that you have a critical eye for media. One thing I find to be helpful in countering those toxic messages in commercial is exposing the flaw in the message, and lending your critical media lens to a friend or even your Facebook or Twitter family, so that they too have the ability to parse out the toxicity and find their own truth. There's an organization called Media Watchdog that serves as a community who observes and exposes negative commercials, specifically as it relates to body image and weight. You might be interested in getting involved with them, it is certainly empowering to know you're fighting for the truth and helping others along the way.

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