Hi from Gina....a new Moderator to the site :)

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Hi from Gina....a new Moderator to the site :)
Hi everyone! My name is Gina, and I am a new Moderator to the site. I am a spinning instructor and personal trainer. I also work with the National Eating Disorder Association as a volunteer on the Eating Disorder Helpline. I enjoy painting, writing, yoga and cooking. I also have a passion for music and making fun playlists for my spin classes. I live in Queens, NYC and am recovered from and eating disorder. I am an activist of positive body image and health, and desire for someday for all girls and woment to believe that they are beautiful inside and out. From time to time I may jump into a conversation on the site, and I will also be here to keep all of you safe from inappropriate members/comments to keep the site fun! :)

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