You Can Buy a “Smart Mirror” That Points Out Your Flaws - But Why Would You Want To?

By Kaitlin Irwin--Are you looking for yet another reminder that you’re not good enough? The HiMirror is primed and ready to go for you. For only $189, you can get daily critiques of your red spots, fine lines, and other skin blemishes.

The HiMirror comes with a 14-inch LCD screen to zero in on these rough patches and snap photographic evidence of the transgressions. The mirror’s technology is even integrated with the iOS and Android apps, so you won’t be able to escape the cold hard truth.

Circus Performer Kayla Dyches is Using Aerial Art to Overcome Anorexia

If any of you haven’t already watched Great Big Story’s video about American circus artist Kayla Dyches, “How the Circus Saved My Life,” then you need to go watch it right now! In this inspiring and unique video, Kayla talks about her struggles with anorexia and how her passion for aerial continues to pull her away from her eating disorder.

Even Gigi Hadid Has Experienced Body Shaming. Here's Why It Matters

By Victoria James--Tommy Hilfiger told Yahoo’s Style’s editor in chief Joe Zee that his casting director called Gigi Hadid “too fat and short” to model in his fashion show in early 2015.

Moderation Looks Different During the Holidays and That is OK

By Kelly Corbett--We don’t always have the best relationship with food. As the holidays roll in, that can be a little intimidating.

5 Ways to Celebrate Food and Your Body This Thanksgiving

By Kira Rakova--The holiday season in the United States has had, for the past few decades, a strong focus on food, bodies, weight, and dieting. It is not uncommon to see headlines of magazines, online publications, and advertisements that warn against ‘holiday weight gain’ and provide solutions on how to ‘prepare’ for it. Many Americans continue to make weight-related New Year’s resolutions year after year, with one study finding that 38% of Americans made such resolutions in 2015.


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