What does "healthy eating" mean to you?

There's so much talk in the news about the importance of "eating healthy." But what does it all mean, really? How do YOU define health when it comes to how you eat?

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Our bodies are like machines , they need fuel! Its very important that the body receives the proper nurition, vegetables, protein...etc. I changed my diet drastically three years ago when I started following a certain way of eating and from personal experience I can say that after giving up certain foods I struggled with getting the right amount of protein, I became very tired and it affected my schoolwork. After talking to other people who ate similarly I began a balanced and healthy diet , I also began to cook delicious cusine...I got creative! So just encouraging everyone to maintain a lifestyle of whole grains, veggies, protein for optimal power. Whether your following a particular way of eating or not, mainting a healthy diet is key to quality of life! xoxo

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@Misslbooker, that's such a great analogy about our body needing fuel in order to function. I'm glad you're on a healthy eating schedule. You can tell when you're not getting enough when it starts to affect your daily routines like school.
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Since entering Ed recovery years ago, healthy eating for me is practicing intuitive eating to the best of my ability. No perfect eating, just do my best with it. Be gentle and compassionate, it s hard because I learned how to diet and mess with food at 14. By 23 I was full blown bulimic. My mom was always dieting too. Doing my emotional healing work helps me normalize my appetite and listen to my bodily needs for food.
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Hi Earthgrrl, I really like your definition of healthy eating. Recovery and emotional healing is hard but you are right that it helps by allowing you to become more in tune with your body's needs. I also like your comment about being compassionate and gentle with yourself. There will always be challenges and part of recovery is learning to forgive yourself and bounce back. Keep up the great work, we are hear to support you!
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Healthy eating means healthy living.. Healthy living is a combination of healthy eating diets and proper exercise..

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Healthy eating for me means a lot of moderation. I love certain foods, so I eat some of those foods everyday. It's important for me to manage my other sweets and fatty foods. I try to eat a lot of different types of foods. The best healthy snack is something delicious and packed with nutrients and healthy carbs and fats.

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Our bodies need nourishment in order to get us through our days. I have learned that my body is like a fire that needs fuel, or food, in order to burn bright and be most productive. My therapist taught me that our bodies are constantly using energy in order to keep us alive, and therefore, just lying down in bed, your body is at work. This was surprising to me, but it really put things into perspective. I now understand that my body needs nourishment in order to keep me going, and most importantly keep me living a healthy and happy life!

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Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrition is important for everyone.

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I agree with Thamen87 that yes, healthy eating means which consists of all nutrition and the protein and all the vitamins which a body needs for healthy lifestyle.

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For me healthy eating is about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and stabilizing your mood. Eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain health problems, but your diet can also have a profound effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing. So it is important to eat balanced diet. To know more you can also visit cellublue.com online.

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Healthy eating has been so hard for so many people including myself but now i have been able to have a healthy relationship with food. Food is fuel and medicine for our bodies so no food is good or bad, but some foods do have more nutrition and better benefits to our bodies. Healthy eating is simply eating a balanced diet, listening to your cravings, nurturing your body, and not being afraid to eat anything when it comes time for it. I am so glad that I am at a place where I have a balanced diet of all types of foods and nutrients and am doing it because I love my body and wish the best for it.

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Healthy food means, including high fiber and protein in the diet. Fresh food leads to healthy living.

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