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Good morning everyone!

Every day seems to be a new and different challenge in our lives. Many of us deal with different versions of eating disorders while our friends struggle with something completely different. The important thing that I constantly remind myself is that we all need help and it is perfectly okay to ask for it. Over the last few years, I have had to concentrate on healing in ways I did not fully know I needed to. 5 years ago, I had a beautiful daughter and upon the first time of seeing her face, I knew my eating disorder could harm her (in ways as simple as me talking about the way I felt about myself) and I had to change. She has been my motivation to find the help that I need. I recently started practicing yoga and turning my love for running into a beneficial relationship. Being active and learning new ways to be involved with the community through my love of running and yoga has really taught me that life is more about passion and love then anything. In many ways, becoming a part of groups who have a passion for being healthy has really changed my mindset and thought process on what working out and eating really are and what they truly mean. 

I tell you this to simply ask what makes you feel good about yourself? What things do you do to feel positive, passionate and healthy? We all heal in different ways and sharing our own ways of healing is encouraging in a different way. 

Have a wonderful afternoon, everybody! 



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Wow. That is a beautiful story. I am always so inspired by people who are able to find happiness and peace in their lives beyond their eating disorder; those who truly recover are enlightened, and it is such a selfless and brave act to share their story in order to help others, so, good for you!

I hope to be one of these people some day, but I am still in recovery, and therefore, I have learned that I have to help myself before I can help others. I have been in and out of recovery for 7 years now for Anorexia, but this time I am really trying hard to get better. It is painful at times, but that means that I am getting better because I am allowing myself to feel again. I have slowly been able to find myself again in all of the wonderful moments that life has to offer.

Letting go of my eating disorder, I have realized that I have a passion for helping others, and now I am working towards becoming a Therapist for those who suffer from eating disorders. I also find peace in writing, and therefore, I make sure to set aside time for this as well.

Recovery may be hard, but it does get better, trust me! :)

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You are inspiring for fighting this fight for so long. You sound like such a lovely person and it is beneficial to many of us to know there are people like you who understand. Thanks for being part of this community! You will do wonderful things in helping people throughout your life! 

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These posts made me smile! Im glad there is so much hope within this community. It shows how great a support system is and how much it can help. I wish we could see this much positivity throughout all of the ED communities! 

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