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Do you have a question about nutrition? Post it here. We ask a nutritionist to answer questions from our members for our regular Expert Q & A feature.

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HI Everyone! Thank you for having interest in our "Ask a Nutritionist" forum. Right now we are collecting your questions and having a Nutritionist answer them. We truly appreciate your comments and concerns and hope you find the answers that work for you. Please do not feel like your questions are being pushed aside. We are here to celebrate and hear about your success from ED! In the meantime, if you have any other concerns and want a more immediate response, please check out our other available options. NEDA Hotline: 800 931 2237 or visit (Click the "Get Help Today" tab for more information about eating disorders) Best of Luck!
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Hi my nutritionist says she will be happy when my period comes back but well also keep continuing until you get to a healthy weight. What if i were at a healthy weight and my period would not be there yet. Because its not like it wasn't consistent in the first place always. I am not sure what i should do.
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Hi Puppies10123, It's great that you're reaching out. I'm sure your nutritionist knows what she is doing, and you're going to have to trust her. Sometimes it takes time for your body to balance out and get on a normal schedule. The first year or so of getting your period it's not always consistent. Improper eating habits can also cause problems in your hormone levels and other factors contributing to your period, so you'll just have to give it time and trust your nutritionist.
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Hi Puppies10123! Thanks for submitting your question. We will be passing along all questions to a nutritionist who will provide answers on the forum.

Recovery is physically and emotionally tough and it can be really frustrating too. I hope you find good support from other members here. Many of us can relate to what you're going through!

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I have a very bloated stomach and have been experiencing a lot of digestive problems. I have gone to a doctor but because my BMI is normal he is not taking me seriously. I exercise a lot (intense exercise 2-3 hours per day) and I do not eat many grains. My carbs come mostly from fruits and vegtables. What could cause stomach bloating?
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How do you curb an intense sweet tooth, especially during the holidays?
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I have a problem in eating. I ate too much but why I am still so thin? - Green Water Technologies

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