The Aftermath

As soon as I began my recovery from Anorexia, I began suffering from severe stomach pains. If I ate food, I would be crying in the fetile position due to the pain it caused. If I did not eat, the result would be the same. I remember being in the middle of class wanting to leave and go to the ER because it was so unbearably painful. To this day, the pains are not as bad, but they are still there. Now, it is more when I eat certain foods or when I skip a meal. Over the past 5-6 years, the doctors have ran ultrasounds, done blood work and every other test they could think of to figure out what was causing the pain. The end result: they told me it was all in my head. I asked if it was due to my eating disorder and they said, "most likley not." Well, I'm still convinced it is. 

The pain came back full force when life threw me in an unexpected situation and I could barely eat for a few days. My friend told me to try Ginger. "Ginger tea, ginger candy, it doesn't matter, just get ginger in your system!" she told me. After 1 week of consuming something with ginger every day, I was able to eat red meat (for the first time in years!), be okay with not eating a full blown meal every couple hours and I no longer felt like I had to rush to the hospital! I asked my doctor why this would work and she said she had no idea, she had never heard of it. 

I have played around with this for a little while. The past 4 weeks, I have had no ginger and all of my stomach pains came back. I simply started drinking my ginger tea every day, and the pains are magically gone again! 

What are some symptoms that you have left over from your eating disorder? What random things have you found that work really well? Things like ginger are not commonly used for fixing body functioning issues but work better than medicine at times. It's amazing! 


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