Disney Princesses/Princes and Anorexia

I found this very interesting. My mom is a teacher for 5 year olds and she has heard them refuse snacks for fear or gaining weight already...which is just insane! I love that this artist included the Princes as well as princesses. He captured the pain and hurt in the eyes perfectly. It hits a different part of your heart seeing your favorite princess like this. 

What are some other ways that we can raise awareness? 



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Wow that was shocking and interesting to see. I like that it gives us an eye opener. I think with young children though. They see a lot more from their parents than from disney. I think parents need to be informed  with thier teachers if their saying things like that. Parents especially mothers need to learn what to say and show their girls because kids pick up  things up so  quickly. I think that it would take a village to change the way disney shows women, but they are thankfully trying to make us stronger now in movies like Enchanted and Frozen. Hopefully oneday they will start making healthy size princess. As for now we have to get parents to talk to their children and give them the right tools to like their bodies. 

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