Never Ending Pain

Well i just got home i went home early because i found out the obly teacher that ever noticed me, that ever cared, that didnt make me feel invisible, the only one that cared past away last night. I broke down crying and called my dad. He came to pick me up. i have been crying and throwing up non stop i feel light headed and even thugh i havent cut in a week i also feel like i cant eat or do anything. I have lost the motivation to do anything. i feel that i have to i have broken this has pushed me over the edge

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I am so sorry for your loss. What a terrible loss to be facing, and I know when something so devastating happens it's a time when you just want to go back to those self-destructive coping mechanisms. But you've got to do your best to reach out for support (which is why it's great that you are posting here and sharing your feelings). Talk to your parents, your friends, the people you trust. And think about how much your teacher cared about you and how much your teacher would have wanted you to keep moving forward with your recovery. If you are feeling like you are in crisis and need to talk to someone, you can call this number at any time: 1-800-273-TALK. You can also visit the National Eating Disorders Association's website: They have a toll-free helpline (800) 931-2237 and a "click to chat" feature on their site. You are NOT alone and you are not invisible. I know this feels unbearable right now, but you can get through this.

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So sad to heard that news from you! It's really so painful but you need to accept it and life must go on for you.

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Be strong! We do not realize how strong we are until we actually happen to resist or overcome something seemed impossible to do.

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How are the things now?

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