My Pain

Well today i broke down crying in 3rd period and locked myself in the bathroom for the rest of the day crying. I get bullied because im the only emo person at my school and im the only anorexic person at my school. I also get bullied becausemy eyes shake involuentarily. I felt alone like no one cared and i got home and texted my boyfriend and he was hanging out with the girl he kissed 3 weeks ago and he prommised hed skype me at 8 his time 5 my time but then told me he couldnt cause she was spending the night. Then he stopped replying to my texts. I locked myself in my room alone with my here i am layingin bed on my lapttop crying and wrriting this.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. I know how isolating and confusing it can be to be struggling with an eating disorder and also feeling so excluded at school. It is hard. Really, really hard. You deserve support and respect from your boyfriend and it doesn't sound like you're getting that at all. If being in a relationship with someone is causing you more pain and causing you to do doubt yourself and feel even more alone, those are signs that it's not so healthy. You are dealing with some really heavy stuff. Can you talk to your family about what's going on? Is there a teacher or counselor at school you can turn to? Remember, if you need to talk to someone about your eating disorder, you can call their helpline at (800) 931-2237--they also have a chat function on their website: We are here for you!
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Thanks CMaddie for saying that--I completely agree and it was very well said. You ("My Pain") are not alone at all even though you think that you are. Please call the hotline because there are so many thinks to do to help you! It gets better, please believe that. You reached out and commented so even without realizing it you are trying to help yourself.
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I felt so sad when I read your story. Such a painful experience but I guess you need to stand out and let your boyfriend see that you are completely healed and will never be hurt the pain again. - YORHealth

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