Love Yourself??

People say that you have to learn to love yourself, but how do you love yourself when it seems like no one else could less about you. I have one parent, a mom, and since me and my 3 siblings grew up with just her for all my life (I'm the third child and 18 years old, a senior in high school) I don't ask her for much. You would think when I want her to come to a stupid financial aid night at my stupid school she would go with no problems, but noooo why would she no one cares about me and helping relieve me of any stress because I'm so "strong" and "independent". I've always been as good as possible, but all I want to do now is go out and party and drink because maybe then she will realize how screwed up I am and realize that these stupid little things I ask her to do are just because I need someone to help me with something even if it is something stupid and simple. I just want one person who is there for me with no expectations. I just want someone to care. Why doesn't anyone care? My so called "friends" don't even bother to check on me, even when I'm radio silent for weeks! It makes me wonder if anyone would care if I left home and never came back.. it's too bad I care to much about everyone else because I can't bring myself to leave. Maybe that's why I can't lose weight, maybe food is my drug, my alcohol..? It's my way of self-harm and self-destruction...

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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your story with our community. It sounds like you're feeling very alone right now and you are so strong for reaching out for help and support. 

For information and resources, we encourage you to reach out to the NEDA Helpline at 800-931-2237. 

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Please remember that asking for help is brave and that there are people who care! 

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I understand your question "love yourself?" It sounds like an easy task but in reality it is so difficult to accomplish when you are struggling. Before loving ourselves, we need to first accept ourselves and know who we are and who we want to become. If you do not find the support you wish to have from those around you I would suggest to reach out for professional help and/or a support group in your area. Recovery is not easy but it is worthy and possible. You are not alone, we are here to support you in one way or another.

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