ED Myths and Misconceptions: What do you wish people knew about EDs?

There are lots of myths and misconceptions that many people have about eating disorders. Sometimes these can be really frustrating, like when people assume that EDs only affect young, upper-class, white women. Sometimes they can be dangerous, as in the case of people assuming EDs (and other mental health issues) are a choice and that people can "snap out of it". This article here on Proud2Bme has some other examples of common ED myths: http://proud2bme.org/content/3-media-myths-about-eating-disorders .


What are some things about EDs that you wish more people understood? If you have any examples, or any suggestions for how we can work to "bust" those myths, share some here!

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People a lot of times think that people have to look like they have an eating disorder in order to have one. This is totally wrong, they dont have to be underweight in order to have an eating disorder. They can be in their proper weight or even slightly overweight and still have an eating disorder. Another thing that i would like people to know is that when someone with an eating disorders refers to a binge, a binge is a matter of perspective since this does not necessarily have to be a large amount of food.

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You're so right! EDs affect people of all shapes and sizes. A lot of times the media only depicts people with EDs as severely underweight. This is potentially extremely harmful as people who are overweight or in a typical weight range might not realize they have an ED. Additionally, people who are underweight may not think they need to seek treatment if they don't look like people shown in the media-- they don't think they're "sick enough". You're also totally right about the size of eating episodes; if it subjectively feels like a "binge" and someone experiences a loss of control, that's worth paying attention to. EDs can be hard to diagnose and understand, but if someone is concered by their eating behaviors and thoughts related to weight and body shape, and the behaviors and thoughts are interfering with their life, then that's reason enough to seek help.

Thanks for sharing your insight, lucyta!

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