Hi, my names Jill=]

Hey girls, my name is Jill and I just joined this website because I have been having a whole bunch of issues lately with my body weight and image. I was anorexic a couple of years ago and thought that I over came it and on some level I have but I just don't like to look at myself anymore. I am 18 and a freshman at Massaoit Community College and I am in an amazing relationship with a guy that I have thought was so cool since I was 15 and he was turning 20. But as most guys he usually doesn't think before he talks and some stuff hurts my feelings even thought I know hes just joking. So now I am going to the gym and eating less than I use to because I feel like its the only thing I can totally control again. I think I need some help before I spiral back into the abyss. If someone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks!=]
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Hi Jill! Glad you're here. I think it's a really positive thing that you're able to recognize that you're getting into some negative thoughts and behaviors. Recovery isn't always a straight line, but even when you feel like you're slipping back, just keep in mind that the fact that you're reaching out is a big step FORWARD. Does your boyfriend know about your history with eating disorders and poor body image? I think it's important to be honest with him about that and tell him when he says things that are triggering. You need a strong support system to stay healthy, and he should be part of that. But you have to talk to him about what you need, and why certain comments are dangerous for you. And even if you're not actively struggling with eating disordered behaviors, it's a good idea to have professional help you can turn to. Do you have a therapist and/or a support group in your area? If you need a referral you can call NEDA's helpline (800) 931-2237. I'm sure others in our community will share their experiences and advice too. Hang in there!
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hey jill this totally happened to me... but in the reverse. guys can be so so hurtful... particularly when u love them. know u r beautiful... u recognize ur mistakes, so take breaks from problems if you need to... make yourself do something after meals to keep busy and keep ur mind off purging (aka excercising). set specific excercise times/days and stick to them- dont make them crazy, and dont add more or less. could u help me? ive been over-eating in the throes of recovery... and then feeling disgusting, guilty, and full of self-hated... and then as result skipping meals, under-eating... then over-eating... and on goes the cycle... is there anything you could tell me? having been there, gotten betteR? i so want to be bette and like myself again :(
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Hello Jill! I am so glad that you joined here and we heard your story. Thank you for giving your time to share your life here. - YORHealth

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