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Where are the Plus-Size Male Models?

By River Zain Ceballos--One of my favorite stores to shop at is Hot Topic, as I am a bit on the alternative side. While I was on Instagram earlier this week...I noticed that Hot Topic posted a picture of their new female clothes, BUT something instantly caught my attention. The model that was wearing these new threads was a beautiful, plus-sized model.

I smiled from ear to ear knowing Hot Topic has made this change! I'm glad society is starting to accept that we all look different and deserve to be represented in fashion and the media. As I was reading the comments on the Instagram page, all I came across was praise and excitement. I thought "Maybe they'll have plus-size male models soon!" But the more I thought of it...I realized that haven't come across any plus-sized male at all. Why is that? 

I personally would love to see more plus-size male models on magazine covers and in the industry. Being healthy doesn't necessarily mean being "skinny" or "shredded" and that's something that people can't accept, or maybe they just don't understand. I don't fault anyone for not knowing about this issue because men and weight issues are still pretty taboo to talk about.

A good friend of mine who also happens to be a retired body builder and is now working in the nutrition field said something while we were working out that really caught my attention. He made a point by saying that because men are more prideful, we can't have a desire for plus-size male models because it would insinuate that we get insecure too and that the ideal cover man has a body that we can't easily achieve. This friend works with people of all ages and all shapes and sizes and he's able to see how distorted some men can be about themselves and their bodies. They may have body dysmorphia and not even know it...again, because there is no education and the only men we see that are considered "sexy" have a very specific, “toned” physique.  

With eating disorders in men on the rise, it's only natural that we seek out people that we can look up to. I've been told I'm one of the first male public figures to speak out about my struggle with bulimia in the past. Unlike women, men don't have celebrities or public figures we can identify with and look up to. I mean, if we want to lose weight and get fit and decide to pick up an issue of Men's Health magazine, the first thing we see is a tall, ripped young man on the cover wearing the same Calvin Klein boxer briefs that we wear, except when we wear them we don't really look anything like that. So I'll ask the million dollar question again, WHY are there no plus-size male models? I would personally love to see this change. Like women, men come in all shapes and sizes. It's time for the media to reflect that.

About this blogger: River Zain Ceballos is a spokesperson, print model, actor, and activist. Follow him on Twitter @RiverC_Official.

Photo: Stewart Williams, The Sun

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