What's Up With Lady Gaga's #PopSingersDontEat Tweet?

"Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger " Was this an attempt at irony? Or is Lady Gaga really dieting and tweeting?

We'll admit that we're confused by her tweet. For starters, she has a bajillion Twitter followers. Okay, actually it's just over 22 million, which makes her the celebrity with the most followers in. the. world. Many of her fans are young people who struggle with low self-esteem, poor body image, and disordered eating. Lady Gaga hasn't just accidentally wound up being a role model--she's been an outspoken advocate. In the span of the last few months she has discussed her battle with bulimia at a girls' conference (where she warned that dieting was "making girls sick") and launched her Born This Way Foundation, which she calls a "movement to empower youth." These are both applause-worthy moves. So as a self-appointed ambassador of acceptance and kindness, why is Lady Gaga tweeting about being so unkind to herself?

If it was meant to be a joke, there are plenty of people who aren't finding it so funny. Proud2Bme blogger Mary Streech tweeted, "@ladygaga If you are an advocate for ED recovery like you say you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. These comments are lethal."

And other fans have been expressing their disappointment, too:

"Celebs have huge influence on people's lives. Lady Gaga tweeting is stupid even if it was meant to be ironic."


"Dear please don't say things like ...it could make monsters think it's ok/necessary to starve themselves :("


"unfollow 4 her ignorant and stupid message to her fans wow ur a role model act like 1 dont praise anorexia wtf?"


...Well done Gaga, now half of Twitter wont eat either hahaha <3"


What do you think of Lady Gaga's tweet?

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does she realize the impact this will have?
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I was very disturbed when I read about this...the media has such tremendous impact on young girls' self-esteem and body image, it is almost a garuntee that many girls who follow this Pop Star will heed her advice and sadly won't eat....May I suggest that we all increase the positive energy and post something about loving ourselves and our bodies for who they are, or focusing on internal beauty, etc. And maybe we can help spread the message and counter the media's and society's pressures to be stick thin. Stay strong, girls!!
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Hey everyone, I completely agree with the fact that celebs don't necessarily realize the impact they have on both girls and boys. All it takes is one comment for some people to trigger negative thoughts about themselves. It's really unfortunate that the "ideal" body type is unattainable and everywhere we look. Do you guys Have any ideas for a solution to help stop these narratives from continuing?
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I really think the key to fashion is confidence. It doesn't matter if you're fat or thin as long as you're confident of what you wear then you're definitely classy.


How many times per week do you see ads for "bikini bodies"?

get help