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Trying to Fight Off Springtime Anxiety

By Nicole Weaver--Spring is an odd time for someone who is recovering or still struggling with body issues. The world physically starts looking brighter, everyone seems happier.

You feel like you should be excited for spring because everyone makes it look so fun in ads and magazine covers that picture fabulous women in bright bikinis or dresses. But if you’re anything like me, this is the time where you start to feel anxiety.

Once the weather starts getting warm I start feeling aware of how many layers of clothes I no longer need, and the weight that I have put on. It happens every year, at first I joke about the gain saying the extra weight helps “to survive the winter cold.” But usually it’s because I feel less motivated to work out. Who cares what I look like if I’m just going to be under multiple layers of sweaters? But at the beginning of spring I start panicking about how I’ll get back into shape.

This year I have so far refrained from getting on a scale to see how much I weigh. I know that no matter what the number would be, it would just upset me. The thought of losing weight started creeping in and I made a vow to start using the stairs instead of the elevator. At first I felt proud of myself for finding a way to become healthier into my busy work schedule, but then I started feeling sad and stopped.

Will I always feel down on myself in the spring time for the rest of my life? Will I always try to find some quick fix to lose weight in order to look like what I think I’m supposed to look like? I’d like this season to give me the nice, fuzzy feelings I feel like I’m supposed to have once it comes around.

I think it’s time that I should redefine what the warmer season means to me. Yes, society will always try to convince people to look one way in order to sell products. But it’s time to actually find out what makes me happy about this time of year that has little to nothing to do with what my body looks like.

So I came up with a list of things that I will try to focus on this spring:

  1. The Warm Weather
  2. New Music
  3. New Blockbuster Movies
  4. Festivals
  5. Vacation Time
  6. No Longer Relying On Space Heaters
  7. Concerts

What positive things will you be focusing on this spring? Tell us in the comment section below!

About this blogger: Nicole Weaver is a 23 year-old graduate of Penn State University. She currently writes for where she writes about love, sex, and relationships. She also writes for where she covers entertainment news. You might have also spotted some of her pieces on, where she writes personal essays that focus on black women's issues. Look out for more of her work on Proud2BMe where she talks more about her personal journey with body positivity.

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