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Truth in Advertising: There's Too Much Brainwashed Beauty

By Yuni Kim--Beauty is one of the the most interesting issues in the world.

People’s appearance and dress have always been used to express social status to  others in their community. But appearance has become increasingly more significant. These days, much of our money spent on image, and there is an increasing tendency to judge people by their looks. People put too much emphasis weight on beauty. Some of my friends are interested in cosmetic surgery and they think about it as a positive thing. Years ago, my friends thought plastic surgery was not natural. But that attitude has changed. Why?
I think it is because of the widesread use of photoshop in mass media. Photoshop was a useful tool to give a photo more impact. However, photoshop "fixing of flaws" is a problem nowadays because there are no standardfor the professionals using it.

Mass media has a huge power and the media is using photoshop  too much. They fix original pictures make people look more younger and thinner. 

These photos look unnatural, but people are used it already, so we can no longer distinguish between the photoshop of fantasy and the original reality. Moreover, photoshop is used for ordinary, non-model/celebrity people too. People want to look pretty, so they fix their picture for passport.
Photoshop hides truth and ruins the real value. Real beauty is not only big eyes, skinny bodies and good skin. This brainwashed version of beauty from mass media influences too many people. People determine others’ worth based on how they look. We start to believe that we need to be conventionally attractive in order to be successful, and that idea is reinforced in the rise of many mediocre entertainers. These popular singers are not as skilled as less famous singers, but they have made millions of dollars due to their fitting a certain image.

I think we need guidelines to use photoshop in mass media. People have rights to know what is the original photo. We are beautiful. Unnatural beauty from media is lying.

Yuni Kim is a student at Santa Monica College. She moved to California from Korea last year.

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