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Truth in Advertising: Stop Profiting from People's Insecurities

By Skye G.--The media is now completely changing our perception of reality.

Now what everyone sees on billboards, magazines, ads, and other media are digitally altered models who are made even smaller. Their hips are made smaller, eyes bigger, lips fuller, breasts larger, stomachs smaller, and body parts are put together like a puzzle. This is completely unnatural. These models are sometimes made from different picture of themselves or of others. The dismemberment of their bodies through Photoshop is a bit disturbing because it is the presenting the person as a whole on how they really look.

Even if people tried to achieve this ideal of beauty, they would not reach it because the models themselves don’t look that way. I’m tired of the media saying that we’re not fine just the way we are. I am tired of being expected to uphold this standard of beauty. However, many people don’t know that these images are altered and they start to believe that this is how people actually look like.

There has been a rise of low self-esteem, eating disorders and depression among young girls because they are trying to achieve something that is impossible. There has been a rise on cosmetic surgeries and body alterations because of ads that have been altered. The people in control are not being held accountable for how their depictions of extremely skinny people and their whitewashing people of color are hurting those who see them. Now more and more people are going into surgery to try to achieve something that isn’t real and now many people of color are using lightening creams to bleach their skin.

What upsets me is that the media takes advantage of people who may not know what’s real or not and they become targeted. They target these people in order to sell their products. With altered images and products to go along with them, advertisers prey on those with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression. People should not be policing people on how they should look. We should we accepted for the way we are now. Everyone, from different body sizes and colors, should be represented in the media. They should be represented without stereotypes or as tropes. These people being represented in the media should be full and complete human beings. We shouldn’t be expected to live up to a false expectation. We have the right to know when an image being displayed that can manipulate the perspective of people has been altered. We need to know what’s real and what not. I am tired of the media saying that we’re not fine just the way we are. I am tired of being expected to uphold this standard of beauty.

Skye is currently a student at Santa Monica College who is majoring in social work with a minor in women’s studies. She plans to be a counselor for women who are dealing with issues of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and teen pregnancy.

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