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Tokyo’s Nude Restaurant: Not for Everyone

By Palmer Hipp--Tokyo is the latest city to venture into the “naked” restaurant industry. Cities like London and Melbourne are gaining attention for their popular naked pop-up restaurants, with thousands of people already on the waitlists for tickets. However, Tokyo’s naked pop-up, The Amrita, is taking a slightly different approach to the current trend.

The Amrita, which is the Sanskrit word for “immortality,” is not allowing its customers to go fully nude. Rather, customers will be given “paper underpants,” and will basically look like ancient Greeks and Romans, Adam and Eve, or even… babies in diapers. But to make the $112-$563 per person experience even more enjoyable, servers are only “men with the world’s most beautiful bodies,” and dancing male models wearing G-strings.

Eating fancy meals while in one’s birthday suit? How exciting! But don’t drop your pants quite yet; there are a few exceptions. The restaurant will only serve those between the ages of 18-60 years old. They will not serve anyone who exceeds the average weight for their height by a certain number of pounds, or anyone with tattoos. The Amrita will weigh and calculate any customer's BMI if they look like they don’t fit the strict requirements. If they do not meet the rules, they will be turned away. Whhaaaaatt??

What got us here? Have standards of beauty made it acceptable to look at someone X pounds over their BMI (which is a bogus calculation anyway) and turn them away from service? This is unacceptable. The shaming and criticism put on those who do not have the “average body shape,” as The Amrita states, creates a toxic environment and further marginalizes various body types. Also, by discriminating against someone for having tattoos, they are discouraging a person’s right to express themselves through their own body.

Other nude restaurants incorporate the idea and concept behind nudism: accepting one’s body and being present in the moment. The Amrita is telling customers, and now the world, that it is not acceptable to be fat and nude, or to have others look at you. They are saying you should be ashamed of the human body. Preventing someone from entering a restaurant purely based on their appearance and age is a dangerous trend, and one that should not continue—even in a purely traditional restaurant, where clothes are the norm. 

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