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Take Action! 3 Ways to Support the Educating to Prevent Eating Disorders Act

By Pooja Patel--Eating disorders are here to stay—unless we do something about it. H.R. 4153 is here to help us do just that. H.R. 4153, otherwise known as the Educating to Prevent Eating Disorders Act of 2015, was introduced to the House of Representative by Renee Ellmers on December 3rd. The average onset age of eating disorders continues to drop, making it more important than ever to educate as soon as possible.

Claire Mysko, the interim CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, states that “More than half of teen girls and nearly a third of teen boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, using diet pills, smoking and purging—behaviors that in many cases lead to full-blown eating disorders.”

Educating to Prevent Eating Disorders Act of 2015 strives to amend the Public Health Service Act in order to establish a preliminary program. This program would collect eating disorder experts to weigh in and implement educational information for screenings and seminars for teachers and parents on the detriments of the disorder. The earlier students, parents and teachers are aware of the signs, symptoms and causes of eating disorders, the earlier intervention and prevention can take place.

Many have seen firsthand what an eating disorder can do to both the person suffering and their families; whether you are standing up for a friend, a family member or yourself it is important to spread the word about this bill. It could genuinely be the difference between life and death. To show your support for this groundbreaking bill take a look at the following tips:

1. Ask Your Representative:  Don’t be shy and make sure your voice is heard by sending your state representative a note to support the act! Click, fill out and share this link.

2. Speak Your Mind: Post on the National Eating Disorders Association Facebook page and tell us how early intervention helped you!

3. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Be super fervent on social media—people cannot know to support the act if they do not even know what the act is! Make status updates, Instagram posts and share on college or group pages!

About the blogger: Pooja Patel studies neuroscience and philosophy at Barnard College, Columbia University. She does research at a CU neurobiology laboratory, which emphasizes anticipation behaviors, circadian rhythms and biology. She has interned off and on at the National Eating Disorders Association for about two years. Pooja enjoys reading, dancing, watching mindless TV and keeping up with fashion trends.

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