Proud2Bme | Sunday Link Love: Iskra Lawrence Epically Shuts Down a Body Shamer, Bustle Launches a Body-Posi Podcast + More!

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Sunday Link Love: Iskra Lawrence Epically Shuts Down a Body Shamer, Bustle Launches a Body-Posi Podcast + More!

By Diana Denza--It’s a glorious Sunday here in the Big Apple. But before you head out for brunch or an outdoor movie screening, check out the best body-posi news of the week. And remember: don’t let body shamers stop you from wearing whatever your heart desires on this sunny day!  

Trigger warning: Links to outside articles may contain references to size, weight or triggering images.

Speaking of outfits, get inspired by this fabulous striped getup featured on Already Pretty. Well played!

Despite what the fashion industry tells us, we already know that every body is a bikini body. But where did the term “bikini body” originate, anyway? Well, Refinery 29 reports that way back in 1961, the phrase itself was developed by (surprise, surprise) a weight-loss salon chain called Slenderella International. You can head on over to Refinery for the complete sexist history of the bikini bod.

Got some free time on your hands? Bustle just launched The BodCast, a podcast for radical body positivism and fat acceptance. And yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. 

Aerie model and NEDA supporter Iskra Lawrence shut down a body shamer in the best. way. EVER. “Who gives a F what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are the only one who decides your self worth (sic),” she wrote in an Instagram post. You go, girl!

“We put so much energy into our relationships with others, but how often are we showing up for ourselves?” You can bookmark the sensitive girl’s guide to eating disorder recovery here.

About the blogger: Diana Denza is NEDA’s youth outreach coordinator.

Header photo courtesy of Iskra Lawrence 

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