Proud2Bme | Sunday Link Love: How to Combat Body Bashing, Get Sex-Positive & Bounce Back After a Setback!

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Sunday Link Love: How to Combat Body Bashing, Get Sex-Positive & Bounce Back After a Setback!

By Diana Denza—Whether you’re getting over failing a test or need to have a body image talk with your friend, this week’s lineup of articles will help you get through the little obstacles life throws your way. Enjoy!

Worried about picking up a trendy new summer piece that isn’t traditionally “flattering”? Don’t be—and here’s why

Failing can be super painful, but it’s also okay. Just remember to pick yourself up after and keep fighting the good fight! 

Here’s what every sex-positive woman should remember about her body. 

This awesome 10-year-old girl penned a petition asking the world to value women for being “strong, kind, brave, thoughtful [and] unique.” You go, Tish!

And last but not least, here’s what to do if your BFF bashes her body over Sunday brunch—because sometimes, we all need to be reminded why we’re Proud2Bme!

Diana Denza is NEDA’s youth outreach coordinator. 

Top image via Glennon Doyle Melton

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