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Sunday Link Love: Aerie’s Body-Posi Prank, Spring Fashion for All + More!

By Diana Denza--With piles of homework to catch up on, who has time to hunt down news stories? Since I don’t have to worry about physics workbooks or AP English term papers anymore (sorry not sorry), I’ll be compiling Proud2Bme’s Sunday link roundup. Starting today, you can enjoy the best news of the week without the Google searches.  

As it turns out, that hilarious Aerie campaign meant to spark a discussion about male body-image was just an April Fool’s joke…or was it? Sure, guys won’t be able to don Aerie undies anytime soon, but an important conversation was definitely had.  In addition to that, American Eagle Outfitters (Aerie’s parent company) has pledged to eliminate retouching its male underwear and swim models and has made a donation to the National Eating Disorders Association. Best “prank” ever? You decide.  

Speaking of guys, they struggle with body image issues, too. Even some of the men who meet Hollywood’s way-too-narrow standards have serious body insecurities. And this time, the media is finally talking about it.

Ah, the power of social media! Novelty scales reading “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” were pulled from shelves after a customer posted a viral Facebook status about how triggering they could be. The scales were being sold by B&M in the UK.

Need weekend style advice? Our friend Sally over at Already Pretty is one of my fave body-positive fashionistas. Luckily for all of us, she put together this super helpful (not to mention thrifty!) spring trend guide.

Yes, body positivity is hard, but like many difficult things, it is so worth it. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend, lovelies, and remember: never give up!

About the blogger: Diana Denza is NEDA’s youth outreach coordinator.

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