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Student Activism: UC Davis Part One

By Jamie Bratman--My fondest memories from childhood involve food- all you can eat buffet dinners, ice cream dates with my mom, soft pretzels at the mall.  I loved food.  I was also athletic and played basketball in my freshman year of high school.  I practiced several hours a day and rewarded myself with a large meal after practice.  I ate everything and anything, never thinking about the nutritional value of what I was putting in my body, until I became a runner.  As a sophomore in high school I joined the track team and drastically changed my eating habits. 

I have experienced nutrition and weight issues in many different ways.  As a basketball player I was overeating food that didn’t feel good to my body.  As a runner, I was running often and eating little.  My mental state was altered, my personality affected, and my body was devoid of nutrients. I finally achieved a balanced and a healthy relationship with food after my first year as a transfer student at the University of California, Davis.  It took me over seven years to finally switch up my routine and get out of my rut to see life through a new set of eyes.  To me, nutrition is vital to live and thrive, which I now see. 

As soon as I heard about the Association of Body Image and Disordered Eating (ABIDE) on my college campus, I knew that this was my chance to get involved and promote a healthy image and relationship to myself and food. The UC Davis ABIDE group is composed of students who have recovered from eating disorders and are majoring is areas such as nutrition and psychology.   All members have one thing in common; they are passionate about promoting a positive body image.  The different backgrounds and personal experiences of each member are very helpful in directing those in need to the right resources and support groups on campus. As a group, this gives us great satisfaction in knowing we are slowly (but surely) making a difference on campus.   

About this blogger: Jamie is a 4th year clinical nutrition major at UC Davis.  She is one of the board members for ABIDE (Association of Body Image and Disordered Eating) and wanted to become involved ever since recovering from an eating disorder herself.  She got involved because she wanted to be able to reach out to people who had similar struggles with body image.  For fun, Jamie loves to hang out with friends, run long distances and country line dance.   

If you’re interested in becoming an advocate on your campus, email Also, check out these amazing resources and event toolkits from Proud2BMe On Campus, as well as this great webinar about how to be an eating disorder advocate on YOUR campus! 

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