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The Struggle You Never Knew You Could Survive

By Rae Smith--I think one of the most intimidating things about struggle is the fear that the pain will last forever.

Because forever is a long time and a single moment of struggle can feel like the arms on the clock have stopped ticking. The chaos of struggle can leave us doubting that a silver lining could possibly exist - doubt that anything good could ever come from the devastation that has become our lives.

The hope that once filled our lungs can slowly deflate leaving us gasping for the good times. Hope has slipped through my hands like sand in an hourglass. It seemed I could never make a fist tight enough to keep hope from slipping away. On my worst days I’ve been face down on the couch, tears streaming down, fists clenched as I’m left to wonder if things will ever be the way I remembered them to be.

Struggle is uncomfortable and it brings us to our knees longing for the times when all was once right. Sometimes we feel powerless because we have no way to turn back time and rewrite the script that led us to the darkness we have found ourselves in. Thoughts of how we could have done things differently torment the mind trying to make us feel bad about the path that brought us to the moment we are facing right now. Or maybe it was the careless actions of another human being that has left the comfort of all we have ever known in ruins. In moments like these, when hope seems to have let us down, one thing remains - we are here and we survived. There is breath in our lungs, tears flowing down, and pieces of broken hearts: all signs that we are alive.

The waves of struggle try to crash higher and wider then us to make us feel weak and incapable of surviving, and it tries its best to detach us from hope so that we can’t see past the fog of disappointment. Struggle will always try to keep us locked away in the should have, could have and would haves of the past so that we never dare to wander into the possibility of the present. All of this pain and turmoil is just a temporary distraction attempting to derail you from all the potential that lies beyond the circumstances of your now.

But struggle is hard to endure and fighting the good fight is a challenge. Sometimes the whirlwind of struggle will knock you down and it’s easy to get lost in the confusion and forget that it is always possible to survive. The oxygen that filled your lungs in the greatest joys of life still exists in your deepest valley of struggle. And struggle can torment, it can discourage but the one thing it can’t do is rob you of the right to preserver and conquer. Regardless of where you are in the ebb and flow of struggle you are here and you have survived and that’s an amazing thing. It doesn’t matter if you are hanging on by a thread, face down on the floor or are still left standing because either way you are already surviving the struggle that you never thought you could make it through.

Struggle can intimidate you but it cannot take away your destiny. It’s in the intimidation of struggle that we surrender our hopes and dreams because we cannot see how our situation could ever be made right. The only reason struggle comes against you is because it knows that your life is weaved with purpose so it tries you to wipe you out in an attempt to derail you from living your purpose out loud. When we choose to persevere we intimidate and challenge struggle and as a result we reclaim the ground the enemy tried to take away.

I don’t know the pain or challenges that you are facing right now and I don’t know how hard life has been for you up until this point. All I do know is that your life has great purpose and significance and this is not the end of the road for you. You were created with great intention for this time and place in history. Your life matters immensely. Refuse to let the fog and storms of the now derail you from the amazing moments and possibilities of your tomorrows. These moments of struggle have significance and they will be the stepping-stones to your greatest victories.

Hardship and struggle is an opportunity to stand our ground and be brave. Every breath in this life is a gift regardless of whether it’s in the midst of the good times or the struggles and tragedy of this life. Every heartbeat is an opportunity for you to continue to survive and conquer. So, when struggle touches your life and you are left wondering what the point of persevering is, remind yourself that you are a survivor and that is what survivors do.

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