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Stamp Out Bodysnarking

When we asked if you’ve ever been bullied because of your physical appearance, 90% of you said yes. Now get ready to say a big N-O to bodysnarking. We’re taking on the body bullies—and we’re not backing down. Here are three easy ways you can take action today:

1.    Post a Stamp Out Bodysnarking badge on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or anywhere else you want people to see it. (right click to save the image you want to share)



2.    Check out our Expert Q & A: "Help, I'm surrounded by bodysnarkers!"

3.     Watch our Bodysnarking Google Hangout!

Bullying is linked to 65% of eating disorders. Bodysnarking is not okay. It's something we can all live without. These celebs are joining the fight, too!

Don't Underestimate This Girl: Kate Nash is Taking On Body Bullies

What Olympian Shawn Johnson Learned from Being Bodysnarked

"Ew, she's so skinny it's gross." Why Alexa Chung got bodysnarked & why it's not okay.

Demi Lovato Stamps Out Bodysnarking

Margaret Cho: "I get really angry when people talk about women's bodies."

Demi Lovato: “For the first time in my life, I feel like a role model.”

Adele: Proud to Represent the Majority of Women

Miley Cyrus: Stop With the Bodysnarking!

Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Kate Winslet Gets Real

Kelly Clarkson: Self-esteem With Staying Power

Christina Aguilera: “I Don’t Weigh Myself.”

"In middle school I heard a girl comment on how another girl looked 'chunky' and that no one should be friends with her because of it. This comment, which wasn't even directed towards me, changed the way I saw myself." Read Mary Streech's story of how bodysnarking was linked to her eating disorder.

"You taught me to be stronger, to stand a little prouder, yell a little louder." 15-year-old Megan Landry wrote "Stronger" as a response to the bullies who tried, unsuccessfully, to make her a victim. Watch the video she made herself and read the lyrics to "Stronger."


Need some advice on how to deal when you're on the receiving end of snarky comments about your appearance? Check out these tips from a teen who's been there.


5 Ways to Promote Real Beauty, Not Bullying!

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