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Real Women, Real Pride

By Morgan Kellogg, Madison Nauman, and Mackenzie Thomas

When we were born we were told to believe that beautiful was not what’s on the inside but what was on the outside. Little did we know that that was far from the truth.Before reaching grade school we did what made us happy, rather than what made others happy.

We went into school with that belief but after a while, our views changed. We started becoming more self conscious about the way we looked and how people viewed us.

Later in school, we found out that in order to feel pretty, we needed to be the person they wanted us to be rather than what we wanted to be.

We have listened to the hurtful words people have said to us. We have accepted them to try to be accepted by society. We have compared ourselves to the images on magazine covers and screens.  

Now, as sophomores in high school, we were given an assignment in class to make a project based on women’s empowerment. We decided to actually take our thoughts and put them into action. We started off by talking about how we were going to spread the important message that women are more than what they see in the mirror, more than what they are told.

We then created the four words that represent who we are, “Real Women, Real Pride.” To us, all women are real women, regardless of what people think or say. We did some research on women’s empowerment, and came across Amy Poehler’s website called Smart Girls. After discovering Amy’s website, we decided to make our campaign more public by creating a Twitter page titled Real Women Real Pride.

Over a few weeks, we have built up our page and gained more followers, one of those being Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. On our page we have posted different ads that we have created to convey the message that women are important and capable of doing whatever they put their minds to.

For example, one of our ads portrays three women doing an activity that women aren’t typically seen doing: trap shooting. We also post weekly questions to our followers about limitations they faced and how they overcame them. Even though this project is coming to an end, we still plan to continue our campaign.

Thanks to this project we have become more involved in these issues and we will continue to challenge the ways in which women are perceived and encourage them to take pride in  themselves. 

About the bloggers: All three of these bloggers are sophomores at Charles City High School in Iowa.  Mackenzie Thomas is sixteen years old involved in 4-H, along with fifteen year old Madison Nauman who is also involved in Future Farmers of America.  Morgan Kellogg is also fifteen years old and loves 4-H, tennis, and dance. 

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