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Proud2Bme On Campus Taught Me That Self-Love is Liberating

By Crystal Mojica--Since I was old enough to be aware of body image, I have not been satisfied with my own. My friends were always skinnier and seemed to have curves where it mattered. Until this day, I found myself interested in these short-term challenges that promised a “better” body. I have compared myself with girls around me, but primarily with girls in the media.

My mother enhanced my concerns about my body image. Growing up, I saw how much she was concerned about hers, and as I got older she became judgmental of mine. She seemed to always find a flaw in my body and made sure I knew I had to improve it, and so I tried my hardest to do so.

NEDA’s Digital Media Literacy Toolkit has shown me that the perfect body and face depicted in magazines and other forms of media are not real. Most of these images are not realistic or attainable. How can they be when models in advertisements are Photoshopped and do not accurately depict how they themselves look in person?

Now that I am aware of these constructed images, I have been able to not let them influence me as they once did. I know that these messages are profit-driven and are not representative of what most women look like.

Being able to participate in Proud2Bme On Campus has made me realize that I am not the only one who feels dissatisfied with their body image. I have learned that the glorified body image continuously depicted all over the media also influences many other college students. While working on projects to help others, these encouragements were helping me as well.

Volunteering in the NEDAwareness Week at Cal State University Northridge helped to build my self-confidence. As I watched people write down what made them proud of themselves, I realized we all have something to be proud ofeven myself.

If I had not been exposed to Proud2Bme On Campus, I would have probably already started a five week program to obtain a “perfect” back-to-school body. Yet, today I am the most confident I have ever been. This project allowed me to have a positive body image and most likely lowered my chance to be susceptible to an eating disorder.

Sadly, many of my peers and friends share views like my own in regards to their body image. I hope programs like Proud2Bme On Campus reaches other campuses, because many of us need someone to tell us that we are beautiful just the way we are. In these times, it is very hard to be happy with your self-image because there are so many more body images out there that seem way better than yours.

I have found though that once you are able to embrace and love yourself, you become liberated from the chains of media expectations. You become confident, fearless, and, most importantly, you become Proud2B who you are.

About the blogger: Crystal Mojica was raised in Downey, California. She is currently a junior at Cal State University Northridge, majoring in Public Relations. 

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