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Proud2Bme 5 Day Photo Challenge

By Jasmin Garcia--For the week of April 27th–May 1st, the CSU Northridge Proud2Bme On Campus team has created a 5 Day Photo Challenge activity on social media. The idea came about after a successful week of campus events during NEDAwareness week.

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The 5 Day Photo Challenge is a social media campaign that you can use to infuse body positivity into your online community. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and help make a difference in the way we see ourselves and others.

The idea is to take a different photo for every day of the challenge using the #Proud2Bme5Day. You can encourage others to do the same by posting an image around your campus or on Instagram with the dates of the challenge and the photo prompts.

In today’s social media-driven culture, it’s rare to see a photo unedited or without a filter.

So on Day 1, we challenge people to take a no-filter selfie. This activity encourages us to be more confident and accepting of our natural unedited beauty. 


For Day 2, we are bringing back our hugely successful compliment card we created for NEDAwareness Week to spread body positivity by paying someone a compliment. Write “Today is a beautiful day because of you” on a piece of paper, then take a photo, tag a friend and challenge them to do the same. 


Day 3 is about expressing your self-confidence by posting a photo of yourself wearing the outfit that makes you feel most confident. 


On day 4 post your passion! Share a photo of you hiking, dancing, bicycling, playing an instrument, in your favorite yoga position… or doing any hobby you’re passionate about.  


For the 5th and final challenge, post a picture with someone who inspires you – someone who makes you Proud2Bme!


About this blogger: Jasmin Garcia is an Electronic Media Management major in the Cinema Television Arts program at California State University, Northridge.  She is a member of CSUN's Proud2BMe On Campus Initiative and can be found discussing her activism on campus here. You can follow Proud2BMe CSUN on instagram at @proud2bme_csun.

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