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The Perfect Aging Treatment

By Taylor Kirkham--The fear of aging is a constant worry in our culture, yet is a fate that nobody has ever escaped. 

Age used to be an admirable trait, for the additional years brought wisdom and insight that many had not yet discovered. However, today we are plagued with the fears of ‘growing old’ before we have even grown up! It seems every magazine is coated from cover to cover with advertisements that promise to keep us young just a bit longer. These newly discovered treatments have brought upon us the responsibility to go against the force of nature and to stay forever young.

After living in Minnesota my whole life, plastic surgery was rare and secretive. It seemed that the majority of the adults in my life didn’t fear aging, but rather embraced it as a natural part of life’s course.  However, after moving out to Los Angeles for school last fall, I found myself in the land of Botox, breast implants, and nose jobs. I frequently spotted girls in their mid twenties with face-lifts and passed many billboards stating, “Did you know your skin begins the aging process at fifteen?” The panic of aging began to slither through all of my thoughts, and I knew that I would have to purchase every skin cream the pharmacy had to offer in order to stay beautiful.

After completing my first semester, I packed up my bags, ditched the palm trees, and headed back to the freezing Midwest to spend the holiday with my family. During my month home, I found that the answer to my aging worries wasn’t in the newest skin product, but rather it was right in front of me.  In fact, it had been right in front of me for the past nineteen years of my life.

My mother, 52, is several decades out of her twenties, yet she may be one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  Her beautiful smile, bright green eyes, and spunky personality have many cute boys asking for her number rather than mine. But beyond her stunning looks, my mother is an extremely strong and powerful woman. She is one of the top radiologists in Minnesota, She cares deeply about her patients, she is kind to everybody she meets, and she never allows anybody to make her feel less about herself. Her bubbly personality radiates positive vibes towards everybody she encounters each day--whether it is her best friend or a random person she meets at a coffee shop.  She hasn’t allowed her age to keep her from being the same beautiful, kind, and strong women that she always has been and always will be. By loving and respecting herself and her aging process, she naturally commands love and respect from all of her peers.

As my twentieth birthday approaches later this year, I am trying not to focus on these years being the ‘Best Years’ of my life. I may be young, beautiful, and free, but I believe that life only gets sweeter as you age.  After being around my mom for the past four weeks, I have realized that confidence, beauty, and grace only grows with age. You only learn to become more powerful, more confident, and more beautiful as each day goes passes. Thanks for being such a wonderful force of true beauty, Mom :).    


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