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Our 2017 Summertime Self-Esteem Guide!

By Emma Giordano--Back in 2012, we compiled a master list of the best posts to help you feel good in the hot weather, which you can still check out here. With Summer 2017 having just arrived, here are a few of our newer favorite self-esteem boosting posts to keep your spirits high in the midst of “beach body” pressures.

Dear Melody: How Can I Find Support This Summer?

Dr. Melody Moore talks about why reaching out for support is important and offers her advice on what resources you can use to rely on this summer.

How to Keep ED Out of Summer Plans

Katrin Alyss shares her vault of strategies to combat eating disorder thoughts when we’re on vacation or enjoying the freedom of summer.

Proud2Bme Poll: 75% of Readers Feel Pressured to Alter Their Appearance in the Summer 

After a community-based poll reveals the pressure to change our appearance in the summer, we’ve given you some tips to remember when facing down summer beauty standards!

Rejecting the Myth of the "Bikini Body"

Annie Stewart talks her experience of overcoming the stereotype of the “bikini body” and how to promote self-love during the beach season.

Yes, We Still Need Body Positivity

When having doubts about your self-image, take a look at what Alison Znamierowski has to say about all the amazing things you body can do!

5 Ways to Stop Stressing Over Having a “Bikini Body”

“Bikini Body” standards got you down? Check out Kaitlin Irwin’s advice on how to combat the pressures and stresses induced by summer.

9 Ways to Combat Society’s Obsession with Bikini Bodies

Obviously, Proud2BMe is just not having it with pressures from the “bikini body” this year. Danielle Lowe & Annie Stewart share their advice on how to shut down society’s summer standards.

Proud2Bme Poll: 56% of Readers See 'Bikini Body' Ads 10+ Times a Day 

Let’s chat about the influx of “bikini body” advertisements during this time of year, why they are harmful, and how to overcome the pressures they promote!

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