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Monday Without Mirrors: A Celebration of Confidence

By Lauren Myers--Earlier this year, Blink Fitness launched their “Every Body Happy” campaign, spreading the message that everyone deserves to feel their best. Now, this chain of gyms is asking a very important question: “Why do you work out?” Their answer: “Do it for the mood, not just the mirror.”

Blink Fitness has started a new campaign known as “Monday Without Mirrors.” Every Monday, in their various locations, all of their mirrors are covered up with a piece of paper plastered with the phrases “Do it for the mood,” “Reflect on this” and “Are you feelin’ it?”

I’m all for this new campaign because regardless of shape, size or fitness level, the mirror can serve as a distraction when we focus too much on how we look or compare ourselves to those around us.

On top of this, rather than seeing pervasive imagery of a “perfect” body and feeling a pressure to achieve that look, people will be able to focus on the emotional benefits of exercise, encouraged to take a break from the mirror and concentrate on working out to feel healthier.

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Coming from an avid exerciser, working out is more than a huge confidence booster; it helps to enhance my well-being. No matter how hectic my day may be, it’s the ultimate “me time” activity I can depend on. It clears my mind and helps me conquer my day with ease. It gives my body and mind a chance to reconnect.

This allows me to be aware of my strengths, my limitations and how I am going to use them. When I look back from my first try to where I am now, I can’t help but feel proud of myself.

So while “swimsuit season” is on the horizon, and the majority of the fitness industry is touting getting into “bikini body” shape, the mirrorless Monday message may help people think about fitness differently and kick off summer with a healthy mindset. This season, we can celebrate one thing that never goes out of style: confidence.

About the blogger: Lauren is a student at Simpson College majoring in philosophy and minoring in women's studies and exercise science. On campus, Lauren is involved TriDelta, SELF - a body positivity and activism group, SARA - Sexual Assault Response Advocates and volunteering.

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