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Love Means Everything When You Truly Love Yourself

By Ashley Michelle Williams--Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.It’s a time of the year when we can share a fun, romantic time with the person we hold dearly within our hearts. But for others, Valentine’s Day is also a day that connects with the love that human beings personally have for themselves.

Let’s be honest. Life seems unbearable when you cannot love yourself. It can be disheartening when you never allow yourself to truly feel and see how much your life has to offer this world.

It makes me wonder: Why is it that we as human beings are so hard on ourselves?

We pick on ourselves about everything. We prevent ourselves from feeling beautiful and from truly embracing who we are. As a result, we carry around all of these extra burdens and pain because we never feel that we are good enough.

So on this Valentine’s Day, go against the trend of self-criticism. I want to ask you to do something that you may have never done: Can you now truly begin to love yourself in the same way that you would want someone to love you?

It’s amazing how we often seek to be loved by others when we cannot even love ourselves. We fail to see and to embrace our uniqueness—whether it’s through our bodies, our ideas, or just who we are as individuals.

In fact, many times, the particular problem of  battling an eating disorder is that all of the flaws that we see within ourselves become heightened. Then as we add our eating disorders on top of all the negative thoughts and notions we have built upon ourselves, that can lead to even more self-deprecation.

But I want to remind you of what is possible… I want to remind you that the true love that you hope to come across with someone else must first begin with loving yourself.

I know that we all may go through a series of bad relationships until we find that right person. But maybe, at least for right now, our focus shouldn’t be on stumbling upon someone else.

Instead, try to shift your focus to becoming the best person that you can be, and to truly begin to love yourself for the person you are.

To me, this is the most beautiful action that we can take this Valentine’s Day, because love really does mean everything when you truly love yourself.

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