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Lena Dunham Is Totally My Girlspiration

By Catherine Weingarten--Have you been watching the second season of HBO's hit series Girls? A new episode airs this Sunday. Check it! Here's why you should.

Girls is about Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her lower twenty-something friends struggling with post-college life, jobs, romance, and overall happiness. It’s a great commentary on our generation and how the rules for romance and getting ahead have been thrown off by the economy crash.  Ahh, and it’s really funny!  Humor is good!

This show has actually been stirring up quite the controversy because of its creator/lead actress. Lena Dunham has become a shocking new figure on TV. Guess why? It has to do with the fact that she has a not-so-model/figure skater/Bachelor contest body--and she’s proud of it!  In Girls there are many sex scenes as well as nude scenes and they mostly involve Dunham. Many different celebrities and other amateur critics have publicly commented on her weight, most urging her to go on a diet.

It’s a really sad thing when there is finally some diversity of shape on a hit show and all people can do is bodysnark. But I have been super-nerdy excited by the way Ms. Dunham has handled these comments with such grace and wit. She regularly responds to comments about her weight with way too funny to exist answers.  For example, she had the following hilarious exhchange with The Awl:

You are infamously pantsless for much of Tiny Furniture, and the trend continues on "Girls." Are you anti-pants?
Yes. I am anti-pants. As you can see, I’m wearing a dress. I’m anti-pants, I’m pro-tights. It’s been a big change from when I was little, because I used to hate tights. And then one day I woke up and I was like, no, I’m wrong, these are the most comfortable garment known to man.

You feel so secure.
Exactly. I feel strapped in, yet free. But yeah, I’m pretty anti-pants. I’ll wear jeans occasionally, but I never feel cozy in jeans like I do in a dress.

Dunham is clearly just a wit and I love her sassiness with questions about weight!  If we could all be so sassy!  Also: In some magazines there were articles begging her to be less naked in season 2 and I do have to give you a spoiler alert that there is some nudity in her season 2 premiere. So suck that!

I really think Dunham is an awesome “girl” inspiration/girlspiration to have right now. Add her to your inspirational fridge list! Lena can write, direct, act, and beat down bodysnarkers, all while being uniquely herself! I believe the real success of Girls comes from the fact that Ms. Dunham is courageous enough to tell her story and the story of how hard it is to be young now. She’s telling us her story.  As a wannabe writer, actor, etc., I am so crazy inspired by seeing such a young woman-girl have all this success, especially a young woman-girl with a fiery personality and different look. Just by putting herself on TV and putting herself out there as a voice to be reckoned with, I really think she’s creating opportunities for other women with not so typical bodies. And that’s COOL!!!

What do you think about Lena Dunham and Girls?  Do you admire the way she is handling her body snarking rivals?  What do you think about people’s reactions to her body type? Will you be watching this weekend?

About this blogger: Catherine is (about to be) a senior at Bennington College in Vermont.  She is a drama concentration and enjoys feminism/female empowerment and being a helpline volunteer at NEDA. Her favorite dessert is a pink cupcake with lots of sprinkles and icing.  She hopes to one day be an edgy professional playwright who talks about body image/eating disorder issues in a hip way.

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