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I'm Sick of Halloween Fat Shaming and the Pressure to be Sexy

By Chelsea Kronengold--According to the movie Mean Girls, "Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Seriously… there is only one day a year that a girl can dress the way she wants to dress and nobody can comment or judge?!

Also, what if I don’t want to dress like a “total slut”? Or even worse, what if I want to dress “like a total slut” but those costumes don’t fit me? Being that I am recently in recovery from binge eating disorder, Halloween is an extremely difficult holiday for me. When I think of Halloween, two things come to mind: candy and racy costumes. And while candy is great, in moderation, Halloween candy (especially when half-priced during the first week of November) was a major binge food for me. Additionally, as if I didn’t feel enough shame and guilt about my excessive weight gain on the other 364 days of the year, Halloween is yet another reminder that I can’t wear the “sexy” clothes or costumes that society tells 20-somethings they need to wear. Ever since I turned 18, I have felt this pressure to dress up in sexy outfits (read: lingerie) on Halloween. The days of crafting matching t-shirts with my friends are long behind me. Now, my college-aged peers and I are expected to wear as little clothing as possible and, even worse, society tells you to diet and prepare all week/month/year long for October 31st so you can look good in these revealing outfits.

Walmart recently got called out for promoting plus-size costumes as “Fat Girl” costumes. As a “fat girl” myself, I find this to not only be offensive but triggering. Don’t get me wrong…. I think it is great that Walmart sells plus-sized costumes because, as we know, one size does not fit all. But by labeling these as “fat girl costumes,” Walmart is contributing to the negative feelings that arise during Halloween for girls like me who don’t feel sexy in those sexy costumes. In similar news, Huffington Post released an article this week titled, “Let's Talk About Men Dressing Up as Fat Women for Halloween.” The article proposes the notion that men find humor in these costumes because “there is nothing more disgusting and hilarious, we are told, than a fat woman. Except, perhaps, a fat woman who fails to be properly humiliated.” Great! Now men can kill two birds with one stone and exhibit sexism and sizeism in one stupid outfit.

While Halloween is often a time to poke fun at stigmatized and stereotyped issues, like a “fat woman”, it can also be a time for people to express their creativity and give tribute to admirable professions and people. So I urge you to be mindful when selecting your Halloween costume this year. You don’t need to purchase the offensive or sexy version of a costume to look sexy on Halloween, you're already dressing up as a sexy __________ just because you’re you!


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