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How to Keep ED Out of Summer Plans

By Katrin Alyss--During the summer, many of us like to make plans to go on vacations, road trips or head out to amusement parks. But there is one thing that we need to think of: ED, that pesky parasite that would love nothing better than to ruin our summer fun and take the joy out of our activities.

There are a few things that we can do to make sure he doesn’t tag along and try to spoil our summer fun. When you go on vacation, do your normal packing and make sure that you have room for nutritious snacks. Try to travel with supportive people who know about your eating disorder. They can help you during mealtimes and encourage you to go out and have some fun. 

Another tough spot may be a pool or the water park where ED could encourage you to make comparisons. Always try to have a support person or a “recovery teammate,” as I call it.  When ED starts his shenanigans at the pool or water park, let your teammate know and they can encourage you and let you know that you shine in their eyes. My husband has to do this for me at our wave pool. He reminds that me I am his wife and I look awesome in my bathing suit.

If you’re traveling alone or with an unsupportive family, keep a notecard with a helpful reminder in your purse, or where you will be able to see it when needed.  Here is one thought: ED: You are not allowed on my vacation. I will not listen to your lies.  

The amusement park is one of my favorite vacation spots. It has a lot of fun rides, but it also has a lot of food that could potentially be triggering. I know that ED tries to trip me up by focusing on the amusement park food and tricking me into thinking that if I don’t eat, that’s a sign of strength. Keeping snacks like granola bars—which are easy to eat and very convenient—in my purse helps me through the day. Also, before we even arrive, we eat a full breakfast. After all, we need energy to conquer those rides!

We can have fun in our summertime activities as long as we come prepared. This way, we can ensure fun and freedom—we deserve it!  

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