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Raise awareness on your campus with these step-by-step guides!

Proud2Bme Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide

We understand that planning an event can feel overwhelming at times. Use this guide as a way to outline the basic needs of your event and to simplify the planning process!

Share this with your friends, family members, schools, and more to help them plan an event of their own to raise awareness. Download your copy here!

Proud2Bme Event Planning Guide

Host a Movie Screening

Hosting a movie screening is a great way to start a dialog about eating disorders and body image issues. With our tips and planning tools, this is sure to be a great event that will get everyone involved and talking about the need for greater eating disorder awareness.

Download the How To Host a Movie Screening Guide to get started!



Proud2Bme Eating Disorder Screening Guide

Host an Eating Disorder Screening

NEDA now offers an easy-to-use online screening tool, in partnership with Screening for Mental Health Inc., perfect for holding an eating disorder screening event in schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, or anywhere internet access is available! Since the online tool has become available, over 84,500 people have taken the screening and have received resources to seek out help for themselves if needed.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure a successful, safe, and confidential screening event to bring attention to the seriousness of eating disorders, and direct those who may be struggling to the help they need.

*This eating disorder screening is not diagnostic, but rather a self-assessment of whether an individual experiences symptoms consistent with an eating disorder, and includes follow-up referral resources for an evaluation by an eating disorders specialist.

Proud2Bme Host a Speaker Guide

Host a Speaker Event

If you are interested in hosting an event that will draw and educate people about eating disorders, hosting a speaker this NEDAwareness Week is a great way to go! Every year hundreds of people volunteer their time and efforts to present about eating disorders to different audiences across the country. Each volunteer is provided with training materials and a NEDA PowerPoint presentation for use.

*Refer to the Event Planning Guide to outline logistics before moving onto the content portion of your event. This guide will help you create your event by breaking down the steps to take to successfully host a guest speaker and engage your audience.

Proud2Bme  Build a Life-Size Barbie Event

Build a Life-Size Barbie

Barbie is a pervasive staple of American culture and, when built to life-size proportions, is a great way to draw attention and start a conversation about the common unrealistic beauty ideals that people feel pressure to achieve. Such pressure to meet impossible ideals can contribute to body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness, which are significant risk factors in the development of an eating disorder. This guide will help you create a physical representation of how Barbie would appear if she were transformed into a human being.

We suggest you get together with a group of friends to build your Barbie and secure a highly visible location for your display. This project is a great conversation starter to raise awareness about how the cultural pressures we all face can contribute to behaviors that trigger the onset of an eating disorder.

Proud2Bme Promote Healthy Body Image Guide

Promote Healthy Body Image

With today’s pressures, it’s a big challenge to help kids stay true to themselves, appreciate their unique, diverse body sizes and shapes, and make choices that will enhance their health and well-being. Sometimes a question from a simple children’s story can help: What if the swan had stayed with the ducks?

Take a look at the Promote Healthy Body Esteem guide to learn more about how you can be a catalyst for greater self-esteem!


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